what is the Row?

Bob Dylan - Desolation Row  lyrics | analysis   i take no credit for lyrics or analysis (or anything else on this thing for that matter). peace/love to all

the Row has many names and assumes many forms. It is constant, and it is ever-changing. it is reality, and it is imagination. it is rejection, and it is acceptance. it is desolation, and it is free, unshackled jubilation.

the Row harnesses the collective creative energies of our entire universe. it is the powerful--yet undefinable--presence inside each and every one of us, the voice that calls us, begs us to embrace our unique artistic potential and challenge the cruelty and the banality of mainstream society. it provides a haven and an inspiration for the ingenuity and the vision that exist within all of us and furnishes an environment where we can cast away the trammels of reality and embrace of the limitless canvas of imagination and fantasy.

the Row, dear reader, offers true and invulnerable happiness and definite, exhilarating purpose. my friend, I invite to embrace the ipseity that lies dormant deep within your soul. To dream, to hope, to create.... come with me, to the Row.    hide



hearts on sleeves
crushed like leaves
the looking glass is shattered

mask is cracked
uniform attacks
creation is what mattered

can we coexist my friend
on the plains of conflicting worlds?
or shall we be
nice, naive, and narrow

living in lands of mirrors
we craft distinct illusions
and we press on, desperately clinging
to the skirts of inflexible mothers.


pieces of peace

weary globe shatters
in flames of enlightenment
rebuild paradise

tye dye clad angels
salvaging pieces of peace
rebuild paradise


colorful breeze.

perpetuate hate
flowers fall from pedals
the dust shall never settle
on the deserts we create

shall the colors ever join again
in their dances of simpler days?
the answer is hushed by the fragmented freedom
with which they delude our brains

for the love of a summer will fall like the leaves
leaving branches of bare memories
but the smiles and laughter will linger forever
like scents on a colorful breeze

a single embrace
of confident comfort
shall one day unite us all

and we'll march on that day
to a sweet island bay
and frolic about in the sea