what is the Row?

Bob Dylan - Desolation Row  lyrics | analysis   i take no credit for lyrics or analysis (or anything else on this thing for that matter). peace/love to all

the Row has many names and assumes many forms. It is constant, and it is ever-changing. it is reality, and it is imagination. it is rejection, and it is acceptance. it is desolation, and it is free, unshackled jubilation.

the Row harnesses the collective creative energies of our entire universe. it is the powerful--yet undefinable--presence inside each and every one of us, the voice that calls us, begs us to embrace our unique artistic potential and challenge the cruelty and the banality of mainstream society. it provides a haven and an inspiration for the ingenuity and the vision that exist within all of us and furnishes an environment where we can cast away the trammels of reality and embrace of the limitless canvas of imagination and fantasy.

the Row, dear reader, offers true and invulnerable happiness and definite, exhilarating purpose. my friend, I invite to embrace the ipseity that lies dormant deep within your soul. To dream, to hope, to create.... come with me, to the Row.    hide



kaleidescope landscapes of deep blues and greens
tumble gently across a soft sky
drops of cold rain drip from prophetic reams
that unfold with the wind's rhythmic sighs

but behind the dark clouds, lucid beams of bright passion
unite in their powerful dance
and the bright neon angels breathlessly fashion
lands of embryonic romance


Fillmore Acid Test: 1.08.1966

Grateful Dead: Fillmore Auditorium
January 8, 1966



what is this great Reality, if not imagination
what is this life we live, if not abstract creation
for we weave our circumstance
with the threads of sacred dreams
and we craft our sacred dreams
in the Utopia of mind...


the shore.

Society, the timid lion
Shakes in his silent roar
He leads a long, conformist line
Along the crowded shore

His power comes from ignorance
He wields a shield of fear
For Society, the timid lion
Holds Darkness near and dear

But crashing on the safe soft sands
Are waves that long to free
And if you jump with trusting heart
The waves shall carry thee

To a land of peace and comfort
Of acceptance and honesty
A land where a watchful spirit
Floats softly above the trees

And the sky above shall speak to you
And guide you toward her light
A light that lurks within the winds
And holds you at great heights.


Wind in the Trees

Life is not lost by dying; life is lost minute by minute, day by dragging day, in all the thousand small uncaring ways.

~Stephen Vincent Benét

and with each passing second the past falls away
we sit all alone as we pass through the day
but with each wasted minute our soul shall decay
and we shall marry the earth on that fateful last day

but Dear Mother Nature, she smiles with ease
her sweet whistling wind whispers "do as you please"
for the fleeting kiss of life is just wind in the trees
and tomorrow today is a floating memory


The Siren

i look at you now as you float on a cloud
as i swim in your eyes, i know not where im bound
but from your sweet lips i hear heaven's holy sound
Call on, my dear siren, carry me to the ground

The Sky's Lullaby

ran cascades like diamonds from a land in the sky
the gift up above born from God's watchful eye
but sleep well tonight, dearest lady dont cry
for you know your love for the Sky will not die

Neon Snow

hellooooooooooo my friend. how do you do?
i want to say hey on my brand new kazzoo
from the town where i flew
where they shout from the moon.

so good to see you now,
so sad to see you go,
to take your graceful bow
and to walk on neon snow..........