what is the Row?

Bob Dylan - Desolation Row  lyrics | analysis   i take no credit for lyrics or analysis (or anything else on this thing for that matter). peace/love to all

the Row has many names and assumes many forms. It is constant, and it is ever-changing. it is reality, and it is imagination. it is rejection, and it is acceptance. it is desolation, and it is free, unshackled jubilation.

the Row harnesses the collective creative energies of our entire universe. it is the powerful--yet undefinable--presence inside each and every one of us, the voice that calls us, begs us to embrace our unique artistic potential and challenge the cruelty and the banality of mainstream society. it provides a haven and an inspiration for the ingenuity and the vision that exist within all of us and furnishes an environment where we can cast away the trammels of reality and embrace of the limitless canvas of imagination and fantasy.

the Row, dear reader, offers true and invulnerable happiness and definite, exhilarating purpose. my friend, I invite to embrace the ipseity that lies dormant deep within your soul. To dream, to hope, to create.... come with me, to the Row.    hide


megaphone, megaphone.

to paint the world white
to paint the world pure
they envelope sight
in the name of the Light

but love is found not in a worn holy book
whose pages are bound with lies
perhaps love is found in the peace that you took
from the people with smiling eyes

megaphone, megaphone, piercing the air
what truth is carried in your cries?
for the music is lost in the hate that you glean
from the love inside 3:16



walking in the golden sunlight
your hair glows with your smile
oh, sunlight guide me, contented child
i give myself to the light tonight

im falling through your bright blues eyes
as your hand beckons me closer
wrap me gently, darling, in the blanket of freedom
and the whisper of your comforting sighs

id say id show you the world, but it's not this world that i need
i long to live in the world you love
and smile in your dreams.