what is the Row?

Bob Dylan - Desolation Row  lyrics | analysis   i take no credit for lyrics or analysis (or anything else on this thing for that matter). peace/love to all

the Row has many names and assumes many forms. It is constant, and it is ever-changing. it is reality, and it is imagination. it is rejection, and it is acceptance. it is desolation, and it is free, unshackled jubilation.

the Row harnesses the collective creative energies of our entire universe. it is the powerful--yet undefinable--presence inside each and every one of us, the voice that calls us, begs us to embrace our unique artistic potential and challenge the cruelty and the banality of mainstream society. it provides a haven and an inspiration for the ingenuity and the vision that exist within all of us and furnishes an environment where we can cast away the trammels of reality and embrace of the limitless canvas of imagination and fantasy.

the Row, dear reader, offers true and invulnerable happiness and definite, exhilarating purpose. my friend, I invite to embrace the ipseity that lies dormant deep within your soul. To dream, to hope, to create.... come with me, to the Row.    hide



create what you will
with the fingers of God
forgetting the pain
and embracing the fog

harmony of moment

waves crash
on shores of tomorrow
today they crest
in harmony of moment

the wave does not move
its troughs are not true
it crests with its fall to the sea

move and do
live in you
exist where you are
in harmony of moment


write words.

write words unheard
right words, un-herd!
streams dont stop to question dreams
sheep dont flock to crowded streams
ticking clock, on us it leans.

blending rhyme
bend time
refract the hourglass

write words unheard
on the pages of tomorrow
right words, un-herd
today is tomorrow's youth.

peels of nectar.

light feeling feels right.
my brother.
night peeling from peels of nectar
mockingbird flies for the right to light tonight
eagle has landed but Einstein is stranded
On paradise islands of genius



 insekuritie flatenz
darque shetes of rane
ooked on the foniks
that jump in my brain
spell to compel
break from the cell
be me
see you
dont phall
its not



forces of nature
in the fingers of friends
paint gentle scenes of tomorrow
upon today's scars

we grow with the necessity
that lingers on every word
and as our lips move in protest
we're healed by songs unheard

that ring like happy whispers
in the cosmos of the souls
and beckon with fervent passion
from lands we've yet to know



hearts on sleeves
crushed like leaves
the looking glass is shattered

mask is cracked
uniform attacks
creation is what mattered

can we coexist my friend
on the plains of conflicting worlds?
or shall we be
nice, naive, and narrow

living in lands of mirrors
we craft distinct illusions
and we press on, desperately clinging
to the skirts of inflexible mothers.